The office of the Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai District, Lawngtlai is located in Electric Veng. This office is headed by the Deputy Commissioner who supervises and controls the entire functioning of the various Branches in the office and he or she is assisted by Additional Deputy Commissioner, Election officer,Sub Divisional Officer (sadr), Sub-Deputy Commissioners and other staffs. Judiciary is at the hands of Deputy Commissioner, Sub-Divisional Officer (sadr) and Sub-Deputy Commissioner. All cases civil and criminal are within their purview except some cases of customary in nature are within the purview of the District Council Courts. The district administration is at the hands of the office of the Deputy Commissioner and various developmental programmes are implemented mainly by the office of the Deputy Commissioner, DRDA and actively assisted by BDOs. It has got many functions and routine works of the Office fall under following descriptions viz : General Administration, Maintenance of Law & Order, Administration of Justice, District Planning & Development Implementation, Relief & Rehabilitation, preparation of Electoral Rolls and conduct of Elections, Co-ordination of Departmental Programme, enforcement of Inner Line Regulations, Protocol and Celebration of important Days. Ensuring a well-run, fair, and effective public service are some of the goals of the Office.

Lawngtlai District is one of the administrative Districts in Mizoram. The District was created on the 11th November, 1998 (Vide: Government of Mizoram notification No. A. 60011/21/95-GAD. Dated Aizawl, the 11th November, 1998) . It is located in the southern most part of Mizoram having international boundaries with Bangladesh in the west and Myanmar in the east. The district is bounded by Lunglei and Saiha District in the north and in the south respectively. Lawngtlai District covered an area of 2258 with population of 117894.

The main communities occupying Lawngtlai District are the Lais, Chakmas, Tongchangya, Bawm, Pang, etc. there are famous cultural heritage among such tribes. In the eastern side of the district where Lai community are the main inhabitants. Chawnglaizawnh, Sarlamkai, Pawhlohtlawh are the main cultural dances.

In Chakma occupied area of the district, there are various tribes of backward classes. In this area, the main religion is Buddhism whereas in the eastern side i.e. Lai occupied area, Christianity is prevailing as their major religion. The common languages spoken in the district are Lai, Chakma, Tangchangya. Other languages spoken include Pang, Bruand Bawm. These communities have different fold dance, folk dance, folk tales of their own. The common cultural dances of the Chakmas are Nua Jhumo Naach and Biju Naach.The main occupation is cultivation and the rural population largely depends on agriculture for their subsistence. The physical feature is mainly hilly except with long narrow strip of low lying area along the western side of Chamdur Valley.

Lawngtlai is the district headquarters of Lawngtlai district in the state of Mizoram in India. The Lawngtlai Notified Town has population of 20,830 of which 10,659 are males while 10,171 are females as per report released by Census India 2011. . It is also the headquarters of Lai Autonomous District Council, one of the three autonomous district councils in Mizoram (the other two being Mara Autonomous District Council and Chakma Autonomous District Council).

Lawngtlai town which was used to be a small village was established by Haihmunga Hlawncheu, a Lai Chief, in 1880 at present Vengpui. It has been named "Lawngtlai" as one day the Chief Haihmunga Hlawncheu seized a boat that was drifting down Kaladan river hence the name Lawng-tlai, which means Lawng=boat, and tlai=seized.

Majority of the people belong to Lai group. They are small part of a much larger Chin people in Chin State, Burma. However, nowadays most Lais speak Mizo as their first language. Lais in India in general were earlier known as Pawis by outsiders.

A helicopter service by Pawan Hans has been started which connects the Aizawl with Lawngtlai. The distance between Lawngtlai and Aizawl through NH 54 is 296 km and is connected with regular service of bus and jeeps.The state government has proposed to extend the railway up to Lawngtlai. Lawngtlai is also going to be the nodal point in India for the Kaladan Multi-modal Transit Transport Project which will link the town with Setpyitpyin (Kaletwa) in Myanmar through a 62 kilometer highway.There is one college Lawngtlai College, under Mizoram University and a number of public and private schools.

The major newspapers in Lawngtlai are Phawngpui Express, Lawngtlai Post, Ramthar Chhawkhlei Times,Ram Eng, Lai Aw, Lai Ram.