A project manager is the person responsible for accomplishing the project objectives within the constraints of the Scope, Time, Resources, and Performance Specifications of the project. Project Manager (PM) needs constant interaction with Stakeholders, which will bring involvement from them as well as complete information to manage the project. In addition, the PM must keep documentation updated in order to have justification for each major action taken for future reference.

The Project Manager is responsible for the following:

  1. Develop the project plan.
  2. Manage and communicate with project stakeholders.
  3. Manage the project team and project committees.
  4. Manage the project risk.
  5. Manage the project schedule.
  6. Manage the project budget.
  7. Manage the project conflicts.
  8. Manage quality.

E-district Manager Task lists

Sno Task Details
1 Report to Deputy Commissioner General introduction to DC
2 Verify the site preparation work Check the status of site preparation of the e-District Facilitation Center. Check if all civil work, IT hardware, Connectivity to SWAN, Furniture is complete; Prepare an excel sheet report and submit in hard/soft copy to DC office/MSeGS/SPMU/SI
3 Prepare list of Nodal Officers Prepare list of Nodal Officers for all Commissions and Line Departments participating in e-District for the services that are part of e-District project
4 Arrange trainings Arrange training of e-District application for DC office staff related to e-District services at your district
5 Arrange trainings for Commissions & Line Dept Arrange training for participating commissions and line departments. Start with General Awareness Training about the e-District project. Second training could be general computer usage - email, use of printer, use of scanner, use of internet, attaching document to an application etc. Third training could be on the use of Digital Signatures. Fourth training could be on e-District application
6 Assist SI with data digitization Visit line departments along with SI team to help with data gathering for digitization
7 Assist SI with horizontal connectivity Visit line department and SWAN pops along with SI and work together on setting up connectivity
8 Assist SI with application UAT Visit line departments along with SI team to help with application UAT
9 Assist SI with hardware deployment Visit line departments along with SI to help them deploy necessary hardware at all line departments
10 Any other activity as requested by MSeGS or DC office Any other activity as requested by MSeGS or DC office