The chief aim of the New Land Use Policy (NLUP) is to develop and give all farmers in the state suitable, permanent and stable trades. The Policy also aims at to give all the Village farmers self sufficiency in rice, vegetables etc. and give them help in money with necessary guidance. The aims and objectives are as follows:

1. To put an end to wasteful Shifting Cultivation.
2. To ensure that all the farmers had a land of their own so that they can each pursue a permanent means of livelihood under Agriculture (and allied sectors), Industry or Animal Husbandry sector.
3. To develop all suitable land for Wet Rice Cultivation to attain self sufficiency in rice and vegetables.
4. To re-afforest the land save those allocated to the NLUP beneficiaries so as to regenerate the ecosystem. This will help stabilize the climatic changes wrought by global warming, rejuvenate the flora and fauna and make Mizoram a better place to live in.
5. To set up a marketing infrastructure so that the successful farmers and beneficiaries under NLUP can have a viable commercial outlet for their products.