1. No.A.24012/4/2009-DC(LTI)- E/L of Group ‘D’
  2. No.A.24012/3/2009-DC(LTI)- E/L of Group ‘C’
  3. No.A.25012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Distribution of works amongst Officers/Staff.
  4. No.A.30012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Confirmation of Group D,C
  5. No.A.22013/3/2009-DC(LTI)- Posting and transfer of Group’D’
  6. No.A.12012/7/2009-DC(LTI)- Appointment of Group ‘D’ under Sub-Divn.
  7. No.A.12012/5/2009-DC(LTI)- Appointment of Group ‘D’ under Circuit House
  8. No.A.16012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Verification of Character & Antecedents of Group
  9. No.A.23012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Seniority of Group ‘B’
  10. No.A.22013/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Posting & Transfer of Driver
  11. No.A.23012/4/2009-DC(LTI)- Seniority of Group ‘D’
  12. No.A.32012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- DPC of Group ‘D’
  13. No.A.12012/4/2009-DC(LTI)- Appointment of Group ‘C’ under Circuit House
  14. No.A.30012/3/2009-DC(LTI)- Confirmation of Group ‘D’
  15. No.A.11013/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Sanction/Retention of post Under L & J
  16. No.A.45012/4/2009-DC(LTI)- Detailment of staff/officer
  17. No.A.21011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Service Book of Group B,C,D
  18. No.A.12012/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Appointment of dependents of Deceased Employees
  19. No.A.12012/3/2009-DC(LTI)- Appointment of Group ‘D’ under G.E.
  20. No.A.11013/3/2009-DC(LTI)- Creation/Retention of various Posts of M/R basis
  21. No.A.12013/1/2010-DC(LTI)- Appointment of various post on M/R Basis
  22. No.A.23012/3/2009-DC(LTI)- Seniority of Group ‘C’
  23. No.A.12012/6/2009-DC(LTI)- Appointment of Group ‘C’ under Sub-Divn.
  24. No.A.22013/4/2009-DC(LTI)- Posting & Transfer of Group ‘D’
  25. No.A.45012/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Office order/standing order on ADMN of Office
  26. No.A.22013/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Posting and Transfer of Group’C’
  27. No.A.24012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- E/L of Group ‘D’
  28. No.A.12012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Appointment of Group ‘C’ under G.E.
  29. No.A.32012/1/2009-DC(LTI)- DPC of Group ‘C’
  30. No.A.26011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Fixation of pay Group B,C,D
  31. No.A.26011/3/2009-DC(LTI)- Annual increment of pay Group B,C,D
  32. No.A.33011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Training on Service Computer of Group B,C
  33. No.A.33011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Training on Service Computer of Group ‘D’
  34. No.A.45012//2009-DC(LTI)- Holiday
  35. Personal File/Service Book of
          1. Hrangkunga, UDC
          2. C. Ngunziki, LDC
          3. KR. Chhingpuii, UDC
          4. David C. Darduna, UDC ( 2 file)
          5. Ngunuka, Driver
          6. Thanpuia, Driver
          7. H. Laldengi, UDC (2 file)
          8. K. Vanlalruata, UDC
          9. C. Sangpuii, LDC
          10. F. Zothanmawii, LDC
          11. Lalchhuanawma, LDC
          12. Rohlupuia, Driver
          13. Vanlalchhuangi, Steno-II
          14. C. Liansanga, LDC
          15. Lalchunga, UDC
          16. C. Lalzawmpuii, Peon
          17. DK. Chakma, Peon
          18. Pazawna, Peon
          19. Ralkapliana, Peon
          20. Joel Lalchhandama, Peon
          21. F. _, Peon
          22. Zazawna, Peon
          23. Nghakluaia, Peon
          24. Munu Munda, Cook
          25. Lengkama, Mali
          26. Fawnvela,A/Peon
          27. Purbu Hembrom. R/Waiter
          28. Thangkima, Chowkider
          29. RC. Chakma, Peon
          30. Thangliansanga, Peon
          31. Guard File.
  36. No.A.24012/1/2009-DC(LTI)- E/L of Group ‘A’
  37. No.A.21011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Gen. aspects on Instruction of Service matter
  38. No.A.23011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Rules General aspects on Seniority
  39. No.A.26011/4/2009-DC(LTI)- LPC/Pay Slip of Gazetted Officer
  40. No.A.38011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Pension of Group ‘A’
  41. No.A.45011/3/2009-DC(LTI)- Administration of other Deptt.
  42. No.A.22012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Handling and Taking over of Charge
  43. No.A.22012/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Posting & Transfer of Gazetted Officer
  44. No.A.38011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Rules, General Aspects on Pension etc.
  45. No.A.26011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Rules, General Aspects on Pay and Allowances
  46. No.A.24012/5/2009-DC(LTI)- Casual Leave of Officers/Other Department
  47. No.A.26012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Special pay of Non Gazetted and Staff
  48. No.A.26012/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Special pay of officers
  49. No.35011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Deputation of Group ‘A’
  50. No.A.32011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Departmental Examination
  51. No.A.33011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Training on service computer of Officer
  52. No.A.45011/7/2009-DC(LTI)- Counter signature of TE bills of GA
  53. No.A.45012/5/2009-DC(LTI)- Tour programme/tour notes of Officers, DC’s Office, Lawngtlai
  54. No.A.33012/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Delegation of Financial Powers
  55. No.A.11014/1/2009-DC(LTI)- 6th Revision of pay
  56. No.C.29011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Property Return Rules Group’A’
  57. No.A.34011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Departmental for Organised Service Examination
  58. No.A.33012/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Training of Account matter and and others
  59. No.A.45011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Admn. Report and strengthening of ADMN.
  60. No.B.11011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- MCS Officers Association
  61. No.A.32011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- General Principal Aspects on DPC
  62. No.A.12028/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Establishment Return
  63. No.A.27014/1/2009-DC(LTI)- DA/HRA and other Allowances
  64. No.A.11013/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Creation, Retention of various Post of Contract Basis.
  65. No.A.11013/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Sanction/Retention of Group A, B, C, D posts
  66. No.A.30011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Rules Generals Aspects on Probation.
  67. No.A.24011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Rules General Aspects on Leave.
  68. No.A.12019/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Employment Exchange.
  69. No.A.23012/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Seniority of Group ‘A’
  70. No.A.45011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Creation of District Sub- Divn. and R.D. Block
  71. No.A.26011/5/2009-DC(LTI)- Application/Allotment of GPF Acct. Nos.
  72. No.A.11015/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Upgradation of posts
  73. No.A.30012/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Confirmation of Gazetted Officers.
  74. No.GA.12011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- General Aspects on recruitment.
  75. No.A.22011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Gen. Aspects on Posting & Transfer.
  76. No.A.33013/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Training of officer within India & Outside India.
  77. No.A.22012/3/2009-DC(LTI)- Govt. Notification/Office Memorandum
  78. No.A.45011/5/2009-DC(LTI)- Advertisement for different posts.
  79. No.A.47011/3/2010-DC(LTI)- Recruitment Rally of Security Forces.
  80. No.A.47011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Tender Notice of Security Forces.
  81. No.A.19011/2/2009-DC(LTI)- Personal File of Pu Vanlalngena, Addl. DC
  82. No.A.19011/3/2009-DC(LTI)- Personal File of Pu Beila Khithie, SDO(S)/EO
  83. No.A.19011/6/2009-DC(LTI)- Personal file of Pi Lalchharliani,Supdt.
  84. No.A.19011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Personal of Pu Thlamuana, DC
  85. No.A.19011/5/2009-DC(LTI)- Personal file of Pi Saizikpuii, SDyM.
  86. No.A.45011/1/2009-DC(LTI)- Tour of Officer and staff of other dept.
  87. No.A.11013/5/2010-DC(LTI)- Matter relating to post creation/ Filling up of vacancies.
  88. No.A.45012/5/2009-DC(LTI)- Meeting minutes of Commissioners/ Secretaries.
  89. No.B.11011/3/2010-DC(LTI)- Federation of Mizoram Govt. Employees and Workers.


  1. No.J. 13011/1/2013-DC(LTI)- General aspects, order matter relating to Foreigners
  2. No.J. 13011/2/2013-DC(LTI)- Matters relating to entry into Myanmar/Bangladesh/India and issue of Passes
  3. No.J. 13011/3/2013-DC(LTI)- Detection and deportation of Bangladesh
  4. No.J. 13011/4/2013-DC(LTI)- Entry point
  5. No.J. 13011/5/2013-DC(LTI)- Miscellaneous


  1. No.J. 14012/1/2013-DC(LTI)- Regular ILP
  2. No.J. 14012/2/2013-DC(LTI)- Temporary ILP
  3. No.J. 14012/3/2013-DC(LTI)- Quarterly/Monthly Report of ILP
  4. No.J. 14012/4/2013-DC(LTI)- Miscellaneous (ILP)
  5. No.J. 14012/5/2013-DC(LTI)- Regular ILP for RDS Company
  6. No.J. 14012/6/2013-DC(LTI)- Regular ILP for ARSS Company
  7. No.J. 14012/7/2013-DC(LTI)- Renewal of ILP
  8. No.J. 14012/8/2013-DC(LTI)- Regular ILP for Shop Helper
  9. No.J. 14012/9/2013-DC(LTI)- Renewal of Regular ILP for Shop Helper
  10. No.J. 14012/10/2013-DC(LTI) - Regular ILP for Cement Mistiri
  11. No.J. 14012/11/2013-DC(LTI) - Renewal of Regular ILP for Cement Mistiri
  12. No.J.14012/12/2013-DC(LTI)- Regular ILP for NPCC Limited.
  13. No.J.14012/13/2013-DC(LTI)- Renewal of Regular ILP for ARSS Company