As the District came into existence on 11th November 1998, SP office start functioning in the SDPO Office with Staff pulled together from other Districts. Till October 2009, there was no proper SP Office; private buildings were hired for office. Presently, after assuming the charge of SP Lawngtlai, the office was shifted to New Building at Lawngtlai – I. On 10th October 2009, the new building accommodated all the Branches like MT, R.O, Eatablishment, etc. It has separate Conference Room also.



Office of the District Superintendent of Police: The district S.P is the head of the entire District Executive Force. The overall administration of Police throughout the District is vested on the S.P and thus the general control, directions and supervisions are his main duties and function. He is the DDO of the establishment and is the sanctioning authority of all contingent expenditures. The SP is also empowered with appointment of constable and IV grade, granting of rewards and all kinds of leaves to the staff. He is the disciplinary authority and reporting officer for ACR of gazetted officers serving under him and is the accepting officer of the other lower subordinate officers including service sheets of constabularies. Provision of section 30(1) of Police Act empowers SP and other officers of the rank of DySP to prescribe the route and time to be taken during procession. The SP in turn in under the direct supervision of DIG(R) Mizoram, who is under the administrative control of IGP(M) and DGP(M) is the whole administrative head of Police force.


Under the administrative control of District S.P, there are strata’s of ranks of Police Officer right from the Constabulary to Addl.S.P. The powers and duties of this Officer varied. They are governed by and exercise the powers and duties conferred by Cr.P.C., APM, Police Act, Minor Acts/bare Acts, Special and local laws, CCS &CCA rules and Financial rules. In connection to this the Mizoram Compendium of law as updated from time to time may be consulted.

The different strata’s of Officers and others employees that function under the administrative control of the District Superintendent of Police, with each main function and duties are –

(a) Addl.S.P:- The duty is to assist the S.P. and takes charge of the S.P. during his absence period. Supervision of the works of different branches of the district Police is its main duty and function. The power and function in almost the same with that of the S.P. except for the financial power. There is a single post of Addl.S.P. in the District. He is authorized to sign pay bills and other contingency bills.

(b) Sub-Divisional Police Officers and Office Staff: - A District may be divided into such number of sub-divisions as may be notified from time to time by the State Government. The Police in each sub-division is headed by a Sub - Divisional Police Officer of the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police. They are in-charge of crime, law and order throughout their respective jurisdiction. They are supervising Officers, supervising and taking care of the works of P.S and O.P under them. Each SDPO are also assisted by Reader, S.I or ASI,Literate constable, Typist and one or two other H.C. or constables including a Driver.

(c) Officer in charges of Police Station and Out Post: - They are responsible for the overall functioning, administration and management of the P.S. and Out Post. The state government may establish Police Station and Out Post at any place as considered necessary.

Under Sec 4(p) of Cr.P.C. (Act V of 1898) Officer in charge of a Police Station is defined which includes O.C of an Out post. There are numbers of other Officers under the control of O.C in each P.S and O.P. certain responsibilities are assigned to each P.S and O.P working under the O.C. They may be the same rank but junior to O.C in service or other lower subordinate ranks such as S.I, ASI, H.C and constables. Sec 551 of Cr.P.C. authorize Police Officers of higher rank to an O.C of the P.S to exercise the same power throughout the area of his local jurisdiction. The general duty of an O.C is the effective working and management of the Police subordinate posted to the P.S; prevention and detection of crime, and preservation of peace, He is to constantly in liaise with SDPO and S.P and take supervision and instruction effectively. O.C of the P.S exercise powers and duties under Cr.P.C. special and local laws with special reference to sections– 41(2), 55, 58, 79, 91, 129(1), 129(2), 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 165, 166, 167, 169, 170, 173, 174, 175, 436, 437 of Cr.P.C.; Sec 30-A, 44 of Police Act and Sec 13 of Lunacy Act IV of 1912.

(d) Other Officers of the P.S and O.P: - Rest of the other officers posted to the P.S are given certain responsibilities such as 2nd O.C, Sherista, Record Officer, Station duty Officer, Investigating Officer, Patrol Officer depending on their turn of duty at the P.S. Whenever the designated O.C is sick, on leave or out of station, 2nd O.C automatically takes charge of O.C and in the absence of 2nd O.C, the next senior most present in the station takes the charge. Powers and duties are the same with designated O.C. Among these officer, one is designated as Sherista to look after the Malkhana and Malkhana register, Record officer of the P.S is responsible for maintenance of all records of the P.S like Khatian, FIR register etc. etc., Station duty officer writes morning report. Up dating all parts of VCNB is the responsibility of all investigating Officers but writing the General diary is the work of the O.C There are also one or two constables designated as L.C(Literate constable) to take care of records of the P.S and to assist the Record Officer. Non-designated Officers are all investigating Officers cum Patrol Officers. Head Constables organize Roll call of the constables. All constables are assisting officers in discharging various duties of the P.S. Armed personnel’s (I.R BN) are also attached to each P.S and O.P to assist the P.S Staff. Escort of detainees and under trial prisoners (UTP) are the responsibility of H.C, Constables and I.R personnel’s. 5

(e) Reserve Officer and other Officers with Constabulary in the Reserve Office: - Reserve Officer (R.O) is in-charge of Reserve Office which is one of the branches of District S.P’s Office. Reserve Office is the charge of an Inspector who has one SubInspector and other lower ranking Police for his assistance. He is concerned mainly with the discipline and general management of the whole district force. He and his staff are responsible for maintenance of service book of all District staff excluding G.O and Ministerial Staff, preparation of pay roll of Staff, record of arms and ammunitions, maintenance and proper custody of Office equipments and monitoring of Official correspondences.

(f) In-charge, clothing store: - One officer of S.I. rank with two other assistants are posted to take care of clothing and equipments of the District police. They are responsible for issue and records of all clothing and equipment to District police personnel’s and equipments to P.S., O.P. and other branches of S.P. Office. Placement of requirement of clothing and other equipments to Police Headquarters is also their responsibility.

(g) Motor Transport Officer: - S.I. rank is placed as incharge of M.T. Branch. The Motor Transport Officer (MTO) is responsible for repair, maintenance and care of all the vehicles; the Mechanic, the drivers and helpers are under his control. He is to deal with all correspondences, bills and other works under this Branch. He is assisted by an Assistant Sub-Inspector and as many literate constables as required. The rules dealing with Motor vehicles under the Chapter on Mizoram Armed Police Battalions give more details on this matter.

(h) Readers, Crime Branch: - One sub-Inspector, one ASI, one H.C. and a Constable are placed to look after the crime records of the District. Their duties are preparation of Daily crime report, record and updating crime details and statistics, preparation of various returns in monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly wise. Issue of instructions to investigating officers of the entire district relating to cases is also their responsibility.

(i) Prosecuting inspector: - Inspector of Police rank is placed in-charge of Prosecution Branch. Under him one ASI, one H.C. and three Constables are posted. The main duty of these officers are prosecution of all Police cases before magistrates, conducting the cases during trial, production of UTP to courts for trial etc. escort of prisoners to and from District Jail, making appeal of cases, scrutiny of case diaries and charge sheets, making arguments, looking after exhibits, to keep order in the court, criticism of judicial work when required, framing charges, making under trial report, dispatch of judgment order and final memos from court, making application for issue of warrant when required, issue of summons to witnesses to appear before court, search of prisoners, updating court’s documents, custody and disposal of property from the courts malkhana, serving of processes.

(j) Head Assistant: - A ministerial Inspector placed in charge of all ministerial staff deals the general establishment and account of the SP’s office. One ministerial SI, five ASI. Ministerial 6 functions as Accountant, Cashier and Dealing Assistants. They functions under the direct supervision of S.P. and Addl. S.P.

(k) Traffic Officers: - They exercise the powers and functions as per the provisions of sections of M.V. Act and M.V. rules.

(l) Outposts / Beat Post and Patrol Post: The State Government may establish one or more Outposts as considered necessary within the jurisdictions of any Police Station. Such Out Post shall be placed under a Sub-Inspector or an Assistant SubInspector of Police or a Head Constable specially authorised by Superintendent of Police to investigate criminal cases. A Beat post or a Patrol Post is a temporary post established in a crime prone area to check criminal activity. It is normally placed under Assistant Sub-Inspector or Head Constable as decided by the Superintendent of Police or the Sub Divisional Police Officer concerned.

(m) Confidential Assistant to SP: - S.P. office has a personal Branch called confidential branch which is taken care of by one S.I. Stenographer who is also personal Assistant to S.P.

(n) District Crime Record Bureau: - The function and responsibility of this branch is to feed all crime under the District in computer and send returns to state district crime bureau at Aizawl. But since most computers are out of order and malfunctioning and as no separate staff to man the computer is posted to the District the branch is presently next to nonfunctional. However, the District Crime Branch is taking care of the task.

(iii) THE RROCEDURE FOLLOWED IN THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS, INCLUDING CHANNELS OF SUPERVISION AND ACCOUNTABILITY: As the head of Office, the decision of the S.P is final in cases involving sensitive issues and issues concerning Public safety, transfer and posting within the district. It also includes distribution of works to the Office Staff. Channels of supervision are as per the chain of command i.e. in order of ranking in the official position. The accountability of each rank differs and it depends on posting and work assign to each.

S.P - In charge of the whole establishment.

Addl.S.P - Assistant of S.P and supervisory Officer to staff of all branches.

SDPO - In charge and supervising Officer of the whole sub-Division. Crime, law and order and monitoring the works and functions of the P.S and O.P are accounts to SDPO.

O.C. - General administration of the P.S Staff, Crime, law and order etc. are the vested on its accountability. They are under the direct supervision of SDPO.

P.I. - In charge of prosecution branch in the court. It taken care of cases involving criminal nature the goes to the court from P.S. Prosecution of all Police cases is accounted to the branch.

H.A - In charge of Ministerial staff. It looks after account, establishment and service sheets of the Ministerial Staff.

R.O. - In-charge of reserve branch is Reserve Officer. General Management and discipline of district force in his responsibility.

M.T.O. - In-charge officer of motor transport of the organization. Maintenance and repair of vehicles, drawing and issue of POL are accounted to Motor Transport Branch.

i/c Clothing - Issue of uniform items to district police, and keeping safe custody of different equipments are responsibility of clothing branch.

Border check Post – Checking illegal entry to India from Myanmar, Bangladesh. Issue of entry permit etc. are the task accounted to the officers of the post.

V.D.O- Monitoring and supervision of the work of different units of V.D.P. are accounted to V.D.O. Reserve Officer of S.P. officer is placed as V.D.O.

Traffic Officer- Monitoring, regulation and management of traffic as per motor vehicle rules and Acts is vested to officers of traffic branch.

Constabulary- All constabulary including Head Constables posted to different branches of S.P. Office, Police Stations and office of SDPO including Prosecution Branch are to assist the branch where they are posted.

Drivers - Driving the vehicles and maintenance are their main duty and responsibility.

IV Grades- They are responsible for domestic help of the office like cleaning and office orderly etc.

(v) THE RULES, REGULATIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, MANUALS AND RECORDS, HELD BY IT OR UNDER ITS CONTROL OR USED BY ITS EMPLOYEES FOR DISCHARGING ITS FUNCTIONS : All the employees are govern by APM, Police ACT and CCS & CCA Rules, Financial rules, Local and other special laws. And for discharging diverse functions, Cr.P.C., IPC, Local and Special laws, numbers of minor acts and bare acts that had been enforced in India, other regulations, instructions and bills made and issued by the central and state Government, including rulings of both supreme court and high courts of India with regards to both criminals and civil suits are used and based.

(vi) A STATEMENT OF THE CATEGORIES OF DOCUMENTS THAT ARE HELD BY IT OR UNDER ITS CONTROL : There are many categories of documents held by the District Police establishment in the form of either registers or files or both in the different branches of the establishment like Establishment Branch, Account Branch, Personal and confidential Branch of S.P, Reserve Branch, Crime Branch, Motor Transport Branch, Clothing Branch, Prosecution Branch, Office of the SDPO, P.S, Police Out Post, Border Check Point / immigration Office

The following are the incumbent list of SP Lawngtlai since its existence:-

  1. John Neihlaia, MPS (13.10.1998 – 05.04.1999)
  2. A.Sangliana(L), MPS (08.04.1999 – 22.03.2000)
  3. Herman A.Sangthankhuma, MPS (23.03.2000 – 30.08.2003)
  4. L.R.Dingliana Sailo, MPS (31.08.2003 – 24.02.2004)
  5. Lalbiakzama, MPS (25.02.2004 – 25.01.2005)
  6. Lalhuliana Fanai, MPS (25.01.2005 – 13.06.2007)
  7. Thomas Zodingliana, MPS (25.06.2007 – 21.08.2009)
  8. Dinesh Kumar, MPS (21.08.2009 – 23.04.2010)
  9. A.S.Cheema, IPS (24.05.2010 – 21.06.2010)
  10. Dinesh Kumar, MPS (21.06.2010 - 2012)
  11. C.Lalzahngoa, MPS
  12. Zosangliana MPS
  13. Lalringdika MPS
  14. Lalsanglura, MPS

There are five (5) Police Stations and two (2) outposts under Lawngtlai District.

  1. Lawngtlai PS (Ph: 03835-232245)
  2. Chawngte PS (Ph: 0372-2563530)
  3. Vasei PS (Ph: 03835-290717)
  4. Borapansury PS (Ph: 9496343667)
  5. Sangau PS (Ph: 9612790396)
  6. Bungtlang OP (Ph: 9612762669)
  7. Bualpui NG OP (Ph: 03835-262101)




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