Development of border areas has been a matter of concern for the country. The Border Area Development Programme (BADP) was initiated in western region, which at that point of time was the most volatile border, during the Seventh Five Year Plan period for ensuring balanced development of border areas through development of infrastructure and promotion of well being and a sense of security among the border population. The programme has been expanded since to cover the border blocks of the 17 States (including 8 North Eastern States), which have international land borders with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The development of border areas is now viewed as a part of the comprehensive approach to the Border Management, which focuses on socio-economic development of the people and promotion of well being and a security environment in the border areas.

Border Area Development Programme (BADP) was implemented in Mizoram in 1993-1994 and it covered 4 (four) R.D Blocks then along Indo-Bangladesh border. In 1997-1998 the programme was extended on the eastern side of Mizoram bordering Myanmar.

Mizoram, the 23rd State of the Union, perched on the high hills in the corner of North East India has a geographical area of 21,087 Sq kms. and shares an international border of 502.19 kms along the Indo-Myanmar front and 316 kms along the Indo-Bangladesh sector, thus totaling an international border of 818.19 kms. Rugged hills and steep mountains characterize the topography of the State. The total population in 2001 Census is 888,573 persons and the average density of population is 42 persons per Today, BADP is implemented in 16(sixteen) R.D Blocks whose geographical area totals 12665.09 sq.kms. Of these, 11(eleven) R.D Blocks are situated along the Indo-Myanmar border and the rest 5(five) R.D Blocks are along the Indo-Bangladesh border.

The programme is supplemental in nature to fill the gaps and the funds under BADP are provided to the States as a 100% non-lapsable Special Central Assistance for execution of projects relating to infrastructure, livelihood, education, health, agriculture, and allied sectors to meet the special developmental needs of the people living in remote and inaccessible areas situated near the international border.

The BADP is being implemented by the Department of Border Management, Ministry of Home Affairs through the State Governments. Guidelines of the programme are prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs in consultation with Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance and concerned State Governments. Formulation of schemes/projects, their approval and execution is the primary responsibility of the State Governments. Implementation of the Programme is monitored and reviewed by the State Governments and Ministry of Home Affairs.